2015 Rock Star Success 90 Days Success

You have been making all these plans and goals for 2015 Starting from Day 1…

And… you just know this is GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!

You’ve gone through your check list and checked it twice

  • Live Workshop or Training
  • Online / Virtual Event or Training
  • Business Goals
  • Revenue Goals
  • Sales Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Programs
  • New Clients
  • New Business
  • Product Development

And from that list do you have a top 3? or are you going to…

DO It All?!

By Your Self?

Is this you?

Are you pulling your hair out,
frustrated with technology?
You know you need a Website, Blog, newsletter, and the list goes on, but you don’t know where to start?

My Question to you is….

…are you setup for Success?

I don’t know about you, but all that makes me tired! How am I supposed to make all that happen?

Steve Jobs use to have his people come up with a list of projects for the next year, they would then pare it down to 10, then the top 3…

The best of the best – and that’s what they focused on for the year – as a company, as a team. And they would plan for their success.

Atul Gawande Talks about how we all need a coach.. 

How do you plan for your success?

How do you do you really manage yourself to successfully reach your goals?

Are you Ready for different results this time?

Announcing “The 90 days to Success Program”

Where you get the best of both worlds…

Group Coaching and 1 on 1 Coaching…

  • 6 Group Coaching Training Calls
  • 3 Group Q&A Calls
  • 6 – 30min 1:1 coaching calls with ME – the magic really happens in the 1:1 calls.
  • Success Map to set up your goals and plans for success.
  • And More to Come!
  • Starting Soon!

Month 1:

  • Set the Intention for YOUR Program
  • Clarify your Niche
  • Clarify your Goals
  • Set up & Plan Your Map for Success

Month 2:

  • What are you Focused on?
  • Continue to Follow and work your Map for Success

Month 3

  • Set You UP to Finish Powerfully
  • Celebrate our Lessons Learned & our Wins


  • Creating Your Champion Mindset Training Program
  • Top 10 Traits of Successful People
  • Private Facebook Group

Whats your focus?

What’s your killer distraction that always comes up?

“How you do anything is how you do everything… T. Harve Ecker “

Are you Ready to truly create change in your life?


“Secret Weapon” for the Entrepreneur…

Lynne Sagen is the consummate ‘secret weapon’ for the entrepreneur who is interested in starting, growing, or more importantly, maximizing your already established business. Without Lynne’s expert help and advice, my recent branding campaign would not have been nearly so successful. Ms. Sagen is more than a tech expert/web master. Her skill and mastery of the technical issues behind most Internet-related entrepreneurial tasks is beyond repute. She does everything with consummate dedication and perfection. However, what Lynne brings to the game that most ‘tech experts’ do not is the ability to coach the business and branding part of the game. In that respect, she is very much more than a web master or tech expert. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the way her expert eye caught so many business mistakes before they cost me. More than that, her expert coaching based on her many years of experience (after working with so many high-end entrepreneurs) enhanced so many of my projects that I cannot imagine working with a regular ‘web master’ again. If you want to go beyond the HTML blues to a master of the technical game who offers you all that AND solid business coaching, Lynne is the person to hire. With every conversation you have while working with Lynne, it is like having a mini-VIP day with your business coach. I can’t recommend her enough for the entrepreneur who wants to take their business and all of its branding to the next level.

Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D
Safe to Love Again Workshop


Are you Ready to truly create change in your life?

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