Heart Portal Clearings and Activations

Heart Portal Activations are something I’ve been providing for my private clients for sometime now, as part of the work we do together. 

With the changing times, it’s time to bring my own healing work to the world. 

I’m in the process of updating my site and creating this page, and so if you have found yourself here at this time – it may be more than a coincidence (you get to say).   

If that is the case and you want to find out more please contact me on Facebook  https://facebook.com/lynnesagen

or schedule a 20 min “Coffee Chat” click button below: 

I hope to see you soon 🙂 

Reviews from people I’ve worked with:

My session with Lynne was very potent. I went into it not sure what to anticipate, and she quickly peeled me and my psyche down to my rawest parts. I felt comfortable, held, and nurtured through the session. Afterwards, I was in a very altered healing state (similar to Theta) for several hours. I would definitely recommend working with Lynne and I would do it again in a heartbeat!   ~ Sarah Nisse, Inner Vision Institute

I just loved my session with Lynne!  I had no idea what to expect but she gracefully lead me through her process.  I was amazed at what came up!  Both my insights going through the process and her intuition and seeing abilities which were amazing.  I cleared a huge block that’s been affecting my ability to have clarity, my relationships and my business.  This session opened me up to flow.  How do I know?  Because I received 14 emails today of people wanting to work with me!    ~ Lisa Meisels, Client Attraction Catalyst & Business Consultant

Lynne presences and transmits energy that is of another world.   Each time I work with her, my energy field activates to a new level and I receive mystical chakra clearings. Since working with Lynne, I am more grounded and aligned in my body, and I am a more powerful and present leader.  ~ Maurine Xavier, Divine Channel & Breakthrough Coach

I had a healing with Lynne Sagen to release energy that no longer served me. As a healer I was in hiding. I wanted to be accepted and loved for who I am. It was time to come out of hiding. I noticed the shift the next day after working with Lynne. People were friendlier and smiled more at me. It seemed that others just wanted to talk to me or be in my presence.  I felt lighter and brighter. If you are feeling that you need a shift in your life I would recommend working with Lynne to let your light shine brighter.  ~ Jolen Philbrook, Divine Channel, Healer, Host – “Inner Abundant Mindset”

Lynne Sagen has been my coach for these last 4 months – and a friend for years. As fellow coaches, in present and past iterations, we both know the value of a good listener, a calming voice – especially when your internal voices are screaming – and love. Lynne has blessed me with all of that, and more, in our time together.

Lynne brings a quiet strength and honest, open spirit that allows for freedom, and authenticity – on both sides – candor  after all, being the basis of trust. Without it there can be no growth. She helped me unearth some long buried “demons”, which allowed for a clean discovery of their source – fear. And then, reminded me that I knew the answer to my own questions, to my own fears.  I am someone today I wasn’t 4 months ago – stronger, more grounded, more aware of my strengths, and more accepting of my faults – because of my time sharing with Lynne.

I highly recommend her partnership. You will not regret the time, with her, spent in discovery.    ~ Joanna De Sa, Deputy Director, City of San Jose – RETIRED