Your Tech is not supposed to take you out of the game.

Connecting a shopping cart and integrating your email system so it can “seamlessly” trigger and deliver on purchase
was only supposed to take an hour,
but it’s taken you 17 days, 9 minutes and 32 painful seconds.


And in that time, you’ve successfully avoided doing anything else besides research on how to actually make this happen…from shoddy YouTubers who don’t know that you don’t know techspeak.  


Luckily, I do know you don’t know the language.

And even luckier? You don’t have to waste another minute losing money while you try to figure out things like this, by yourself!

Whatever you’re struggling with? I got you. 

Whether you need help figuring out why your email provider service isn’t scheduling your emails or you can’t get your site back online, I got you.

They Call me the ‘Technology Whisperer” because, like the Dog Whisperer, when I show up, your tech magically relaxes and obeys my commands (I know how to push the right buttons 😉 )


Don’t spend another hour of your valuable time trying to figure out what I can walk through with you and take care of in 30seconds (or do for you!). Okay, maybe not 30seconds (sometimes it is!), but once you learn it, it’ll go A LOT faster and easier for you. 

Book your complimentary 30 min Complimentary Zoom session with me now and let’s resolve whatever’s hurting your bottom line.  – Hey the first 30 min is on me! 

I’m here to save you time, so you can do more of what you love, even make more money!  😉 

Ok, I know some of you are those types that want to know more before you jump in I'm ok with that, and so Let's talk a bit more about who I am and how can I help you:

Here's what my "short bio" says:img_1426x1200

Lynne Sagen, Coach, Speaker, Strategist, Recovering Engineer, that's Passionate about empowering women with a mission, to be seen and heard. 

She's known as a Wizard, Goddess and Master Problem Solver, bringing her own brand of humor and intuition to your business to shift your relationship to and solve the problems you are dealing with.  From building and maintaining your website, to setting up your shopping carts, Lynne's vast breath of experience allows her to see the big picture, and dive into the details, with you and your business mission and vision, bringing the projects she is working on into alignment with that goal. She also is a crafter of messages and messaging, passionate about congruency in the brand message, helping to adjust your message and brand to better meet the needs of your ideal clients and your soul.

Here is what my bio doesn't say:

First of all I'm a Farm Girl from Wisconsin & I bet you, I can still milk a cow by hand 😉

I'm a little quirky - but then aren't we all. I shaved my own head on stage, so I could no longer hide, and be seen (Yes, there's a post about that in my blog).

One of the first things I'll want to do when we start working together is find out about YOU, and YOUR business. See to me it's important to see your vision with you, and where you are at with your business so I can best hold that space while we work together.

Some folks talk at you - I work with you, and if that means getting in the messy muck, I can do that.

Enough about me, because we are really here for you.

How can I help you?

You know that program or "thing" you need and want to do on your computer or online? I can help you make sense of it, and just get it done.

Some of you, I know, have websites you are embarrassed by or don't know what to do with, we can do a lot in 2 hrs to help you understand what's there and make it look better.

Many people want to know what systems I work with and all that. Here's my take - I'm an Engineer, I work on and specialize in unique problem solving, and solutions. When needed, I learn and master systems on the fly, and at this point in my career as an engineer and online business consultant, I've worked in most any and all major systems out there, many are built with similar features and functions. I have a knack to look around, see what you don't know to look for and figure it out, even if I haven't seen it before (Yes this really happens).

I've built lots of funnels, most simple and basic, some are multi levels and complex like this one:


(That was a doosey & it works too!)


Build & Design Websites, mostly on WordPress, simple to complex.

Most any CRM or Shopping Cart & Email management system you've heard of, and many you have not. Applications such as; Mailer Lite, Mail Chimp, Active Campaign, WordPress, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Click Funnels, you name it. 

I've been doing this for over 11yrs, so You name it, I've probably worked IN it, on it or done it - don't be shy, just ask.

I've produced and managed webinars, Podcasts, online radio programs, telesummits and teleseminars, and info products of all kinds.

What you're getting is a Senior Systems Engineer who specializes in the energetic flow of your copy and online systems. I am a gifted translator, helping you understand what it is you have and need now, and in the future.

I won't hold your website hostage, I promise.

I've heard too many of those horror stories, and yes, like Barbera said in the video, I often get called in to fix or rescue them.

(PSSsst:  If you really want to geek out (translated: see the big list)  Click here


Here's more about what my client's have to say about working with me:

After researching several bids, I chose to work with Lynne on a funnel project. She has many skills including an engineering background so she is logical and able to problem solve, thorough and detailed. She put the whole funnel together in an organized fashion and checked to make sure everything was connected and working perfectly. Lynne also is intuitive and able to see people for who they are. She's very calm and reassuring which takes the worry and stress out of any project. I highly recommend working with Lynne for any combination of her multi talented skill set.

~ Lisa Meisels, Transformational Coach and Revitalization Mentor, Founder and CEO of Femanna



Lynne Sagen has been my coach for these last 4 months - and a friend for years. As fellow coaches, in present and past iterations, we both know the value of a good listener, a calming voice - especially when your internal voices are screaming - and love. Lynne has blessed me with all of that, and more, in our time together.

Lynne brings a quiet strength and honest, open spirit that allows for freedom, and authenticity - on both sides - candor after all, being the basis of trust. Without it there can be no growth. She helped me unearth some long buried “demons", which allowed for a clean discovery of their source - fear. And then, reminded me that I knew the answer to my own questions, to my own fears. I am someone today I wasn’t 4 months ago - stronger, more grounded, more aware of my strengths, and more accepting of my faults - because of my time sharing with Lynne.

I highly recommend her partnership. You will not regret the time, with her, spent in discovery.

~ Joanna Desa, Joanna De Sa Deputy Director, City of San Jose - RETIRED San Leandro, CA



I elected to have an event manager for my first major event, and hired Lynne for that role. She did a beautiful job, beginning with our discussions prior to the event during which we planned everything, and ending with a fantastic event that people said was “magical” and “soul food.” It was so nice to have someone to brainstorm with, to plan with… someone I could count on to make my event a success. And Lynne did just that! Her style is laid back, yet, fast and efficient. I never had to worry about how the next portion of the event would unfold, as I knew Lynne had my back. Thank you, Lynne, for a fabulous event! Let’s so it again! 

~ Carolyn CJ Jones, Multi-award-winning Author, Speaker, Coach,Creator, Change Your Story, Change Your Life Programs



Bridging the gap. I don't know about you but I have many ideas that I can bring to fruition but have no idea how to package and bring to market. I also have a list of one hour classes that need landing pages, and I have an idea that has been with me for a couple of years that is now insisting I find a way to bridge the gap between creation and being able to offer it to the market.

Thank Universe for people like Lynne Sagen who is only a phone call away and who knows exactly what needs to be done to bridge the gap. Feeling so energized after our call, and yes we are going to be working on the project together, so very excited, thank you Wisdompreneurs for bringing us together and for being a great resource when we have gaps we need to bridge 🙂

~Shiv Charan Kaur, Founder One Woman Revolution



My VIP Sessions with Lynne have been amazing. I love how Lynne is SO PATIENT explaining 'tech' things to me in a way I can understand. And though I love how she can 'just take care of' so many things, she empowers me by showing me how I can do some of this 'tech stuff' myself. I highly recommend her!

Thank YOU! I totally would not be where I am in my practice right now without your amazing support! Your ability to ask questions to get to the bottom of what I need, and gently guide me when I get frazzled has been incredible. I'm grateful.

~ Rachelle Manieri, Founder, Reconnecting Your Unlimited Potential




Let’s talk about how I can support you, so you can sleep at night.