Under Construction

Under Construction

Hey there – 

If you’ve looked around my site you might have noticed I haven’t done a lot to update it for a while.   Sad but true.  

For the last couple of years I’ve been working as the Director of Operations for a small cannabis startup, and as start-ups go, non pressing things fell to the way side. 

With our Current Covid situation, slowing down, stay at home orders etc it’s now time to switch things up and bring this site up to date.  

Soon there will be a new site design, updated blog posts about my Ninja tricks to help manage your time online and trainings on many things from how to use your Zoom better to What Crystal types can help you while you are working at your desk or  out and about.

Personally, being a former laser systems engineer I love to geek out on the deeply technical stuffs and at the same time bring out the levity of life and help us all to remember how to laugh both with and at ourselves. 

Life is short folks, remember we are all in this together, regardless of your beliefs.  We have one planet with which to share with each other.   

Lots of Love,