Our Deepest Fear – Love

Our Deepest Fear is not that we are Powerful beyond Measure, 

I have come to believe it is that we are loved beyond measure. 

In our deepest darkest secrets where we loath and hate ourselves how can anyone love us because we are so unlovable – even to our selves. 

Our Deepest fear is to let someone into that place, where we are most vulnerable, most in pain, most alone, most unloved  

Will they love us? 

Will they even like us? 

We are clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are unlovable

I remember how in the doctors office I had to have stitches removed, and the nurse left me to remove the bandages first – I was slow and afraid of the pain, what I might find, that I might rip it back open again.  The Nurse returned and saw that I had not yet removed the bandages… she said “Now I’m going to have to rip them off”  NOOOOOOOOO  –  Instant Terror 

It did hurt, not as bad as I thought, and in a moment the pain was gone, the wound was cleaned and the stitches removed, and bandaged again.  

They say love hurts, I believe this is the case because if we don’t go in and clean out the wounds with love, they continue to fester, go unheard, un cared for, and left alone to scare or worse abscess and parts have to be removed.  

Love hurts, yes, but then it sooths, and heals in the most beautiful ways.