My Deepest Fear

My Deepest Fear…  Is that I am Powerful Beyond Measure.


*My deepest fear is not that I am inadequate.

My deepest fear is that I am powerful beyond measure.

It is my light not my darkness that most frightens me.

I ask myself, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, Who am I not to be?


Who are YOU not to be?


This was the question I had to, no chose to answer and face for myself recently as I stood on stage, in front of 80 women, most of whom I did not know, and very purposely, and ritually, had 12079160_10153657318971064_3826412685595027616_nmy hair cut then shaved off as I shared some of my most vulnerable secrets of my life – Why? I knew in my soul I had OLD stuff to face, own and let go, and because so often in my life I looked around at the powerful women in my life, women I looked up to who seemed to have it all together, and wondered what made them different from me.

You see, I was always in some way hiding, and keeping so much hidden in my life – and I had finally come to a place that was the end of myself, no longer willing to live that way, no more secrets. Continuing to play small and hide was killing me, especially when in my former life as a Sr Staff Engineer, there was nothing hidden small or afraid about me, I was and had to be a leader of men, and I was good at it.

And those women I look up to, for me, I could see, no, I believed, that there was a point in their life where they had to make a decision to face their fear, in spite of what anyone else would say or think. A decision that would change the course of their life, and may very well have scared the crap out of them. In short that circumstance and decision caused them to be much bigger than they ever thought they would be, and regardless of what happened in the moment, they are forever better off. Why? Because they are free to be who they were born to be, no excuses, no apologies – and I wanted to feel that from the inside out, in the worst way.

When I reached that point in my life, and I had the right support for me to do what I knew I needed to do for me, very publicly, and recorded. Why? So my small hiding, comfortable, self-sabotaging self couldn’t go back, ever. And I knew at a soul level, that my playing small doesn’t serve anyone, least of all me.

What have I found and learned out of all of this – that it is true, what we are most afraid is not our darkness, our shadow, but really our light, our brilliance, our being brilliant, talented and fabulous. That we actually do make a difference to those around us, those in our lives, and to some that we have never ever met in person.

I have learned that I am not alone, that I DO make a difference for people, and that people look up to me as courageous – me, I did what I had to do, and yes I was afraid, and I knew I had to do it regardless of any fear or self-doubt. And I knew I had to get all avenues of my life going in a different direction.

And the greatest thing I’ve learned and seen for myself, which as Maryann Williamson so wonderfully said as she close her now famous quote:

head-shot-2“As we are liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.”

My question for you – What will it take for you to be liberated from your own fear, and to let your Brightest light shine?

Your people are waiting for you. The real you, yes the vulnerable one afraid to be seen, and heard.

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It’s your time, and taking care of you is the greatest gift you have to give, especially to those you love.


12605466_10204008676897391_816860599833621906_oMuch Love,



*Quote paraphrased from Maryann Williamson.