What do I do?

Ideally, I work with people 1:1 as expert support as they develop and implement their next program, course, product or event – online or off, such that they powerfully own their genius and step into what’s next with confidence.


For a more classic “What do you do?” statement:

I work with entrepreneurs, primarily holistic and spiritual women, to setup and systematize the infrastructure of their business so that it is automated and they can spend more time with the people and things they love.  

Who do clients get?

Someone who has been in this business over 9 yrs supporting and training at a systems level, who comes with a systems engineering background responsible for leading high functioning teams and responsible for critical process systems and product quality.


The specific systems I prefer to focus on are:

(not an exclusive list – and I train clients in all systems I work with).




Get Response

LeadPages and LeadPage Plugins


Active Campaign



Membership / programs

YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia,

LMS Training Platforms and Plugins

Customized Forms, Assessments, Surveys and Quizzes

Online Scheduling Applications and Google calendar integration

Acuity, Vcita, YouCanBook.me

Payment System Integration (PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net. etc)

And others by request.

Don’t see what you are specifically looking for? Ask – I have a very broad range of experience and tools to support your specific project and needs.


Partial list of Products and Services: 

Business Strategy & implementation coaching and consulting 

WordPress Website Design and support

Podcast setup and production

Telesummit, Teleseminar, Webinar design, setup and production.  

Online Video TV Channel Setup, production  and  Support

Live Stream Video Support  (BeLive TV, Zoom, others)

Webinar and Teleseminar / summit setup and production

Digital Product Development and deployment

Live Product Development and deployment

PDF download / ebook formatting

PowerPoint Optimization for Presenters.

Year Long Marketing and Brand development Plans and implementation

High end Packages and Course Creation and development (online and offline)

Funnel Design and implementation

Team Management and Leadership Training, Coaching and Consulting

Women’s Empowerment Coaching

Workshop Leader, Presentation and Speaker Coaching to present and take the stage with confidence

Accountability Coach / Partner holding a space big enough for you to powerfully step into your next level .

Life Coaching

Branding and Niche Optimization  

(Clarifying and selecting logo and colors, brand consistency and congruence throughout all platforms, avatar clarification, languaging, visuals and where to find them)


Live and Virtual Event Support

Project Management including but not limited to Logistics, Marketing and Print Materials, Program design and development, packaging and pricing (during and post event)

Sales & Marketing Forms

Day of support to manage the event, Hold Energetic Space and lead your team so you can focus on delivering your best for your clients.

Coaching throughout the Event creation and delivery process (from creation through day of and post) so you can powerfully own your genius and step onto your stage with confidence.

What Lynne’s Clients have to say about working with her: 

My VIP Sessions with Lynne have been amazing. I love how Lynne is SO PATIENT explaining ‘tech’ things to me in a way I can understand. And though I love how she can ‘just take care of’ so many things, she empowers me by showing me how I can do some of this ‘tech stuff’ myself. I highly recommend her!

Thank YOU! I totally would not be where I am in my practice right now without your amazing support! Your ability to ask questions to get to the bottom of what I need, and gently guide me when I get frazzled has been incredible. I’m grateful.

~ Rachelle Manieri, Founder, Reconnecting Your Unlimited Potential

After researching several bids, I chose to work with Lynne on a funnel project. She has many skills including an engineering background so she is logical and able to problem solve, thorough and detailed. She put the whole funnel together in an organized fashion and checked to make sure everything was connected and working perfectly. Lynne also is intuitive and able to see people for who they are. She’s very calm and reassuring which takes the worry and stress out of any project. I highly recommend working with Lynne for any combination of her multi talented skill set.

~ Lisa Meisels, Transformational Coach and Revitalization Mentor, Founder and CEO of Femanna


Lynne Sagen has been my coach for these last 4 months – and a friend for years. As fellow coaches, in present and past iterations, we both know the value of a good listener, a calming voice – especially when your internal voices are screaming – and love. Lynne has blessed me with all of that, and more, in our time together.

Lynne brings a quiet strength and honest, open spirit that allows for freedom, and authenticity – on both sides – candor  after all, being the basis of trust. Without it there can be no growth. She helped me unearth some long buried “demons”, which allowed for a clean discovery of their source – fear. And then, reminded me that I knew the answer to my own questions, to my own fears.  I am someone today I wasn’t 4 months ago – stronger, more grounded, more aware of my strengths, and more accepting of my faults – because of my time sharing with Lynne.

I highly recommend her partnership. You will not regret the time, with her, spent in discovery.

~ Joanna De Sa, Deputy Director, City of San Jose – RETIRED San Leandro, CA

Bridging the gap. I don’t know about you but I have many ideas that I can bring to fruition but have no idea how to package and bring to market. I also have a list of one hour classes that need landing pages, and I have an idea that has been with me for a couple of years that is now insisting I find a way to bridge the gap between creation and being able to offer it to the market.

Thank Universe for people like Lynne Sagen who is only a phone call away and who knows exactly what needs to be done to bridge the gap. Feeling so energized after our call, and yes we are going to be working on the project together, so very excited, thank you Wisdompreneurs for bringing us together and for being a great resource when we have gaps we need to bridge 🙂 

~Shiv Charan Kaur, Founder One Woman Revolution

‘From my first interaction with Lynne, I was tremendously pleased with how much I got out of speaking together. This really helped me to build greater confidence in myself. Having an objective view external to your daily life, is a gift and helps you to adopt a mindset to help you grow beyond your believed potential. Lynne has the ability to create a trusting environment and share wisdom tailored to you, wherever you may be in the world. Thanks Lynne!’   

~ Kiran B., UK

Others have also said that Lynne is patient, grounded, no bs, non-judgmental, fun and it’s safe to just be.  Her support and training are customized to support their specific needs and levels of comfort with technology.  Direct quote from one of Lynne’s clients “You Speak Tracey!”


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