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What are you Focusing On?

A craftsman examines a watch at the official opening of the Omega Pavilion ahead of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 4, 2008.     REUTERS/Claro Cortes Iv (CHINA)

A craftsman examines a watch at the official opening of the Omega Pavilion ahead of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 4, 2008. REUTERS/Claro Cortes Iv (CHINA)

What are you focusing on? Is it small and compressed and in your face, OR are you looking up to see all that is available to you in the universe?

They tell us what we focus on expands, and it’s true, especially with this twist…

If what we are focused on is already small and shrinking… The concentrated energy causes that thing to shrink smaller and faster… Creating a void, a black hole that sucks all in, and if you are not careful, will become totally consuming… Thus expanding the smallness and scarcity of the original thing.

So, right now, stop what you are doing, and get up and take a look out side, go on, I’ll give you a minute.
There? Ok, now take a deep breath and breath all that in.
Do it again


Take a good look around you, there is so much more available to you than the smallness and scarcity you have been focusing on…

Just for today, look up and take in all that is there, it’s expanse and it’s beauty.

You can do it.

I believe in you.


What does “TEAM” really look like?

Hey there – I know you are wondering…

What does “TEAM” really look like?

Today I am starting a new category on my blog- “TEAM” What Is it?

I’ve been a part of and lead teams for many years, I’ve been year long “TEAM” training programs…

And, I am passionate about what it takes to have a really good team and what can be achieved when you have a cohesive team…

This will b short and sweet today… and We just had the SuperBowl yesterday…. One TEAM showed up, the other forgot that it was a TEAM that got them to the Superbowl.

It was sad, they both had the same chance / potential to win… but they didn’t both play that way…

Out of the day’s events I shared a couple of things on Facebook I’d like to share with you…

There comes a time when you surrender to what you must do in order to have what you truly dream of…  ~Lynne Sagen

From coach Pete Carroll just after the game. “In order to build a championship team you must dig deep into the WHY of each person on your team, from top to bottom, and find out their vision of Success, help them align it to the teams goal, and do everything in your power to help them achieve that goal….”

You must honor what is important to your team or you have no loyalty and no team… take care of your team & they move mountains for you…  ~ Lynne Sagen

I truly believe that in any project or adventure I take on in life, my team is the biggest strength and asset I have – And the Lack of “TEAM” can also be the biggest weakness and single point of failure for any endeavor you undertake….

So, Take a moment and check out your relationship to you team and the results you are producing – I promise you good or bad, if you are the team leader the results of the team start with you… and I’ll write more on that in another post…

Homework for you today:  Take a moment and find out what is really important to your team, your team members – if you are the leader or not… Being interested shows you value your team, and that makes all the difference in the world.